The Truth Behind Who’s Bringing the Stink to Sioux Falls

SIOUX FALLS, South Dakota – Smart Growth Sioux Falls today launched new ads and a website to inform voters about the global swine conglomerate behind the plot to bring the stink to Sioux Falls. The ad highlights the sordid track record of those pushing to let Wholestone bring six million live hogs, hundreds of trucks, and a sewage lagoon to Sioux Falls.

“From the very beginning, we have seen Wholestone try to skirt voters and sidestep the law in an underhanded attempt to jam through a new mega-slaughterhouse in Sioux Falls,” said Smart Growth Sioux Falls Treasurer Robert Peterson. “As it turns out, that’s par for the course for Wholestone’s corporate backers at Pipestone, where the board of directors is chaired by a convicted felon linked to bribery and corruption. Voters deserve the full story behind the Wholestone-Pipestone syndicate before casting their ballots on Election Day.”

Peterson concluded, “With a lengthy history of dismissing local concerns and zero local laws to hold them accountable, how can Sioux Falls possibly trust the Wholestone-Pipestone syndicate to stop the stink?”

To learn more about the Wholestone-Pipestone syndicate and its well-documented track record of steamrolling local residents, visit

Smart Growth Sioux Falls is the official municipal ballot question committee for the promotion of forward-thinking, sustainable development within Sioux Falls city limits. With more than 10,000 signatures, the group’s petition drive was an unqualified success, ensuring that voters will have a chance to stand up against controversial plans to open new slaughterhouses in Sioux Falls. For more information, visit