Smart Growth Sioux Falls Urges Voters to ‘Stop the Stink’ in New Ad

SIOUX FALLS, South Dakota – Smart Growth Sioux Falls today launched the campaign’s first television ad urging residents to “Vote Yes” on a citizen-led ballot measure to stop new slaughterhouses in city limits. Airing on broadcast and cable channels throughout Sioux Falls, the ad highlights the importance of protecting the city against foul odors, contaminated water, and lost property values, among other concerns shared by more than 10,000 petition signers who placed the issue on the ballot.

“Our city’s future and quality of life are at stake, and we’re working hard to make sure voters understand exactly why it’s so important they make their voices heard,” said Robert Peterson, a Sioux Falls native and treasurer of Smart Growth Sioux Falls. “There are smarter locations for these facilities – closer to farmers and further from our homes and businesses in Sioux Falls. For sustainable growth, we need to vote yes to stop the stink, protect property values, and keep our water clean.”

Smart Growth Sioux Falls is the official municipal ballot question committee for the promotion of forward-thinking, sustainable development within Sioux Falls city limits. With more than 10,000 signatures, the group’s petition drive was an unqualified success, ensuring that voters will have a chance to stand up against controversial plans to open new slaughterhouses in Sioux Falls. For more information, visit