Judge Temporarily Stops Wholestone Slaughterhouse Until Voters Decide

SIOUX FALLS, South Dakota – Smart Growth Sioux Falls today applauded Judge Sandra Hoglund Hanson for upholding state law and putting a temporary halt to Wholestone Farms and City of Sioux Falls efforts to undermine a citizen-led ballot measure to stop new slaughterhouses within city limits. The judge’s ruling will revoke all permits approved by the City for Wholestone since the slaughterhouse measure qualified for the ballot and will order the City not to take any further action on the matter before the November election.

“The court correctly paused Wholestone’s shameful scheme to undermine the will of voters and reversed the City’s deliberate attempt to evade public transparency and accountability,” said Smart Growth Sioux Falls Treasurer Robert Peterson. “We are pleased that the court decided in favor of the people of Sioux Falls, who have every right to determine whether they want new slaughterhouses as their neighbors.”

On Friday, October 7 at 4:56 pm, the City’s attorney notified Smart Growth Sioux Falls that the City had preemptively issued a permit of occupancy for the butcher shop at Wholestone’s request. Wholestone conspired to have their permit approved behind the public’s back — minutes before closing on the eve of a three-day national holiday weekend and on the last business day before the court would hear Smart Growth’s request for an injunction.

“Wholestone’s backroom dealing with the city stinks worse than their planned slaughterhouse,” Peterson continued. “Wholestone’s schemes reflect a habitual pattern of deceit and contempt for local citizens. The court’s decision makes it even more important for Sioux Falls residents to cast their YES vote to stop the stink.”

Smart Growth Sioux Falls is the official municipal ballot question committee for the promotion of forward-thinking, sustainable development within Sioux Falls city limits. With more than 10,000 signatures, the group’s petition drive was an unqualified success, ensuring that voters will have a chance to stand up against controversial plans to open new slaughterhouses in Sioux Falls. For more information, visit https://SmartGrowthSiouxFalls.com.